Founded in 2016, GLONET has grown from a few clients to the 12th largest in the industry.

GLONET provides top-notch comprehensive services that strategize every step of the logistics process for our clients. Our services further include projects in EPC logistics, heavy construction equipment transportation, 4PL, and freight brokerage. With first-rate expertise in logistics as well as utilization of cutting-edge IT systems, and a new GLONET Germany corporation in September 2022 in Frankfurt, we can realize your business and products' potential to the fullest.

Having nearly quadrupled our productivity in our first 6 years, GLONET has no plans for slowing down. As we plan to accelerate our proven model exponentially, GLONET’s goal is to exponentially increase our sales year after year, compounding our value and demonstrating our commitment to continual excellency.

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3PL ranking (excluding large companies performing 2PL)