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Manufacturing Company

We provide comprehensive logistics services relating to the transport of heavy construction equipment and industrial vehicles, including consulting support, marine transport, inland transport, and cargo handling.

Specific servicesConstruction Equipment/Industrial Vehicle TransportInternational TransportationStorage ServicesLogistics Consulting

A commercial machinery company needs a strong charter company process to move its products from manufacturer to customer. Many commercial machinery companies use Cargo Freight or Commercial Delivery providers as their 3PL (Third Party Logistics) provider. As the 12th largest 3PL provider in the industry, GLONET is able to provide all of the above.

EPC Company

We provide comprehensive EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) logistics services required for the construction of overseas plants.

Specific servicesProject LogisticsInternational TransportationStorage ServicesLogistics Consulting

We provide total EPC (engineering, procurement, construction) logistics services by leveraging partnerships with companies like HMM, COSCO, and Korean Air With the experience of 30 successful projects in 10 countries, the GLONET team conducts route logistics research, transportation planning and simulations, sea and air transportation, local customs clearance, inland transportation, and installation. As a project logistics manager with 25 years of experience or more, each of our services is crafted with our clients in mind.

Trading (Import/Export) Company

We provide comprehensive outbound/inbound domestic logistics of products to boost customer trade and commerce on a large scale.

Specific servicesImport/Export LogisticsLogistics Consulting

With our team managing 6,200 RT (revenue tons) and nearly 40,000 TEU (twenty-foot containers) of imports/exports this year alone, we are able to distribute worldwide using our sea freight and airline partners. We deal in bonded and general transport, pickup, storage, customs, cargo handling management, and LCL consolidation.

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