Our Leadership Team

Our team is committed to leading an innovative logistic environment together with our customers. As a young company established in 2016, GLONET has experienced rapid logistic growth because of our specialization in energy management projects, construction heavy equipment charter services, and industrial vehicle shipping. The passion and expertise of our executives and employees continue to drive us forward.

GLONET is continuously striving to expand its overseas network by nurturing employee success and introducing innovative technologies to add value for our customers by having over a 98% successful launch date for shipments. We plan to continue to lead in innovation with customers in the rapidly changing logistics industry with an indomitable will to make the impossible possible. Our team’s dedication to this mission is what creates this possibility.

EPC workforce

Comprehensive EPC (engineering, procurement, and construction) logistics management, managing everything necessary for EPC project logistics: from transportation environment surveys to comprehensive consulting, transportation simulation, installation work, corporate branding, marketing, and MRO production.

A Logistics Consulting Workforce

With 748,970 CBM (cubic meters) of cargo managed this year alone, we can provide logistical consulting to deliver the heaviest or most fragile cargo during transport.

A Heavy Equipment/Industrial Vehicle Workforce

Serving household name such as Doosan Bobcat, we are well-prepared to transport commercial equipment at a global scale.

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