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Deliver the future of freight through innovative technology and logistics solutions from one of the highest-ranked logistics companies.

Over 98% of Shipments
Start on Time

With an on-time loading rate of 98%, GLONET has pursued on-time shipping from day one. GLONET is building a worldwide partner network to make sure that all shipments are delivered in a timely manner. With partners on standby, our shipment loading rates lead the industry.

Professional logistics management for large companies

GLONET stands out as a company that isn’t afraid to take on large projects. Large companies can’t afford a lag in their shipments and deliveries. As a company that provides logistic management for large companies such as the Japanese Shinsho Corp. and HD Hyundai Infracore, GLONET makes sure that’s never a concern.

Proven EPC PROJECT performance

With over 30 projects conducted since its start, GLONET offers EPC services that make sure expectations are met. Ranked 12th in the industry based on sales in 2021, GLONET offers services for EPC projects worldwide. We stand out as a company that provides EPC project and heavy cargo transportation for even the largest projects.

Experienced project logistics manager with over 25 years of experience

Our experience in logistics management has brought us into contact with projects for companies like Doosan Enerbility. GLONET has been able to develop a team specializing in comprehensive logistics management, collaborating with industry giants in project logistics management. Utilizing this, we also provide one-stop import and export logistical services that can solve everything from marketing, branding, and MRO production to export at once for companies that need to enter the global market.

Provide total PROJECT logistics solution from the logistic plan to delivery

GLONET boasts a comprehensive partner team of over 70 companies. With such a far-reaching organization of partners, GLONET is able to meet logistical needs. Whether it’s transportation plans, sea, air, land transport, or anything in-between, GLONET serves as a one-stop shop for logistic project solutions.

How we take the hassle out of logistics

The entire purpose of hiring a logistics management team is to remove the hassle from logistics. Let us show you how we do this:

Global coverage2PL, 3PL, 4PL supportFragile cargo loadingSupport frontlineInbound/outbound shipmentsIndustrial shippingLogistic IT solutions supportHeavy machinery transportationDomestic cargo loading

By simply speaking with our team of experts, we can compare rates, book your shipment, and are able to offer express services that boost your logistic growth. All you have to do is prepare your shipment and watch our team handle the rest as your delivery arrives!

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