98% on-time inland shipping with GLONET as your transport partner.

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Get all-in-one global transport for your EPC project, from transportation planning to inland shipping.

With a professional management of more than 25 years of experience under their belt, leave it to GLONET!


Use GLONET as your global transport partner for construction equipment and industrial vehicles.

We use more than 10 trusted, large-enterprise clients worldwide to ship their goods from their localized market to the rest of the world.

Types of Customers

Below are the three main client categories that GLONET has served since its founding. Click on the appropriate section to learn more!

Manufacturing Companies

With our extended presence as a logistic solution provider, we have been able to ship commercial machinery and heavy cargo with some of the most competitive rates in the industry, making us the 12th largest company in the industry as of 2021.

EPC Companies

We have successfully accomplished over 30 major power plant projects in 10 countries worldwide since our start 6 years ago. We are well-equipped to provide comprehensive logistic solutions for whatever your energy company needs to get new plants running efficiently.

Trade Companies

International trade (sea, air, land) is constantly changing in search of more efficient logistical flows. GLONET, which has transported roughly 40,000 20-foot containers of special cargo this year alone, offers an excellent one-stop forwarding service. This service covers not only import/export cargo, but also corporate branding, marketing, and MRO production.

Our Edge

GLONET, a comprehensive logistics company with more than 7 years of experience, provides specialized logistic services such as international logistic management, EPC logistics, construction equipment logistics, industrial vehicle logistics, and special equipment logistics. GLONET also provides MRO production, marketing, and corporate branding.

70 global networks

Since our start in 2016, GLONET has been able to build relationships with over 70 companies within the fields of sea, air, and specialized transportation. This is just one of the ways GLONET continues to separate itself as one of the fastest-growing 3PL companies in the world.

98% on-time shipment rate

With an on-time shipment rate of greater than 98%, GLONET has successfully completed sea/air export and import logistics projects, as well as inland transportation services, for 11 companies, including Doosan and Hyundai.

25+ year experienced logistics manager

As a project logistics manager with 25 years of experience or more, each of our services is crafted with our clients in mind.

Our global partners are not limited by borders, and neither should your standards for excellence. With global partners on nearly every continent, we are prepared to meet your logistic needs, no matter how far-reaching. Below is a map demonstrating where our partners are based.

Interested in our global networks? Start shipping with us today!